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Soul Shifting is a process lead by Kathryn, Wild Tribes' resident Shamanic Practitioner, to help you retrieve, heal and reconnect to lost parts of yourself and identify and call in your true purpose and destiny so that you can step into the full potential of your life.

We lose parts of ourselves (also known as soul loss) when we experience trauma, deep loss or big, sudden changes in our lives that we are not fully prepared to face. Thus causing our inner being, or soul, to split off from ourselves to protect itself from that experience that feels too much or too painful to process.  In addition, we can also experience the symptoms of a soul loss that has originated in a previous lifetime or has been passed down to us through our ancestral lines.

Unless we do the the work to specifically heal and call in these parts of our being again, we will find that the loss of these parts of ourselves will continue to have an impact on our daily life, relationships, connection with our own self as well as how the world responds to and lives in relationship with us.

People who have experienced soul loss often experience one or more of the following symptoms in their day to day lives:



mood swings 


irritability / angry outbursts

inability to concentrate or think clearly

reduced ability to deal with stress and life circumstances 

eating disorders, self sabotage behaviours and / or addictions 

breakdown of or the avoidance of close, intimate relationships 

inability to find joy or experience pleasure 

a general failure to thrive in one or more aspects of life

a feeling of being stuck

recurrent bouts of physical illness


If you have observed yourself saying or thinking any of the below statements then it is highly likely you have experienced soul loss:

"I've never been the same after that (incident / trauma / life change) occurred.."

"A part of me died that day ..."

"I've been lost ever since..."

"It broke my heart ..."

"I feel completely disconnected from myself ..."

"I've been a complete mess eversince."

"When it happened I was practically catatonic."

"Life feels like it keeps unravelling ..."

"I feel stuck ..."

"I feel like something is always holding me back..."

"I just can't seem to get it together."

"I don't know how to keep my head above water anymore ... "

"I keep noticing the same patterns of behaviour, coping mechanisms, habits and / or self sabotages occurring in my life and my relationships and I just want them to stop - but I don't know how..."

"I have forgotten how to enjoy life ..."

"I should be happy, I have everything going for me ... but I am not."

"I feel like my light is about to go out."

You can learn more about soul loss by downloading our FREE e-booklet HERE.


What happens during the SHIFT sessions?

During this healing process your guide will take you on a series of shamanic journeys to understand your original and/or ancestral wounds that caused your soul loss in the first place. You will then identify, break and re-write any soul contracts that you entered into as a result of this loss. From there you will learn how to heal these parts of yourself and call them back into your being, healing any chakras that had become unbalanced as a result of the loss during this process and redirecting your life force to flow in the direction that best serves you. We then journey to meet your destiny and heal any lifetimes that have bound you to a fate that is not aligned with your souls purpose, thus freeing you to live the life that is and always was your birthright to live.

This is a truly transformational process and is best embarked upon by people who are seeking to make real and permanent change in their lives and are therefore prepared for the potential that they may experience some strong emotions and / or face some uncomfortable aspects of themselves throughout the process and potentially in between sessions as they integrate their experiences.



How many sessions does it take and what is the exchange?

The average number of sessions to complete the protocol is 8 x 2-3hr long sessions.

Every person has a completely different background, lived experience and reasons for being called to do this work. Each persons unique journey may potentially add further complexities to the protocol resulting in longer sessions or a greater number of sessions being required overall.  

For this reason we ask everyone who wishes to embark on this protocol to book a complimentary 30minute discovery call with your guide, Kat.

How much does it cost?

The SHIFT protocol in a 1-on-1 environment is $4500 plus GST. This includes all 8 sessions and can be paid upfront or in instalments. If your circumstance requires a payment plan that varies from the one offered, please get in touch HERE to discuss your individual needs. We will always try and accommodate you wherever possible. 

Where are your sessions held?


We run the 1-on-1 sessions both online and face to face. All face-to-face 1-on-1 sessions are runn from either Holixir, based in Balgowlah or from our Mosman location.

All face to face group sessions are held over the course of 4 days and 3 nights inclusive of accommodation and meals at a beautiful retreat facility in either the Watagan State Forest of Laguna (location is numbers dependant). The address will be sent to you on once your booking has been confirmed.

You are also able to access the SHIFT protocol online through a LIVE 3day event or through a self-paced recorded version of the program which you can take upto 6 months to complete in your own time and space. Click HERE for more information on the online process.


Further Details:

We find deeper work is possible when you have some familiar items of comfort with you during the process. For this purpose, please bring to each session:

1 x pillow / cushion

1 x blanket / quilt (one that does not rustle please)

 Layers of clothing and a pair of socks to keep you comfortable throughout (oftentimes you can experience more heat or a feeling of being colder as energy and emotions release during the sessions)

Your water bottle

Notebook and Pen (and back up pen) for Journalling

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