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The Full Story

An amazing tool for integrating deep personal and emotional processes or to literally 'shake' off the stress and anxiety of the day or anything else that no longer serves you. 

Shaking medicine has been proven to support the release of stored emotions, tension, stress and anxiety - promoting a calm disposition and reduced response to emotional and/or stress and anxiety related triggers (among MANY other benefits for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing).

This 75 minute 1on1 class can be accessed online, live from the comfort of your own home or in person with Kat at our Mosman location.

The structure of the class is as follows:


personal check-in and discuss any injuries, medical considerations or desired outcomes


Introduction and/or recap of ecstatic shaking and its benefits


Introduction and/or recap of the shaking technique




20 mins 


10 mins 
free flow movement and cool down


15 mins
drop into silence to receive

To participate you will need:

Ample space to move around freely (2-3m diameter circle)
Water bottle
Comfortable, loose fitting clothes
Yoga mat or towel to lie on at the end

Please also download the "my silent disco app" on your phone and have headphones on the ready as we will enjoy the shaking aspect of the class 'silent disco' style so you can get fully immersed in the music.

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