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1-on-1 SHIFT Protocol

When nothing else has worked or you feel stuck ... SHIFT.

  • 3 hr
  • Vista Street (Mosman)|Dynamic Wellness Hub (Balgowlah)

Service Description

This is a 6-8 part shamanic healing protocol designed to help you retrieve, heal and reconnect to lost parts of yourself, break soul contracts that do not serve you any longer, shift limiting beliefs and identify and call in your true purpose and destiny so that you can step into the full potential of your life. We lose parts of ourselves (also known as soul loss) when we experience trauma, deep loss or big, sudden changes in our lives that we are not fully prepared to face. Thus causing parts of our inner being/soul, to split off from us. Unless we do the work to specifically heal and call back in these parts of our being, we will find that the loss of these parts of ourselves will continue to have an impact on our daily life, relationships, finances, connection with our own self as well as how the world responds to and lives in relationship with us. If you have observed yourself saying or thinking any of the below statements then it is highly likely you are experiencing soul loss/wounding: "I keep noticing the same patterns of behaviour, habits and / or self sabotages occurring in my life and my relationships and I just want them to stop - but I don't know how..." "I've never been the same after that (incident / trauma / life change) occurred.." "A part of me died that day ..." "I've been lost ever since..." "I feel completely disconnected from myself ..." "Life feels like it keeps unravelling ..." "I feel stuck ..." "I feel like something is always holding me back..." "I don't know how to keep my head above water anymore ... " "I have forgotten how to enjoy life ..." "I should be happy, I have everything going for me ... but I am not." People who experience soul loss experience one or more of the following symptoms in their lives: recurrent life dramas depression anxiety procrastination irritability / angry outbursts inability to concentrate or think clearly reduced ability to deal with stress and life circumstances eating disorders, self sabotage behaviours and / or addictions breakdown of / or the avoidance of close, intimate relationships inability to find joy or experience pleasure failure to thrive in one or more aspect/s of life a feeling of being stuck recurrent bouts of physical illness/burn-out ___ This body of work requires 6-8 x 2-3hour sessions for completion. Daytime, weekend and evening session times are available. For more information please book a 20minute discovery call with Kathryn.

Cancellation Policy

Please see our terms and conditions "more">"terms+conditions+policies" for our full cancellation, re-booking and refunds policy.

Contact Details

  • Vista Street, Mosman NSW, Australia


  • 1/357 Sydney Road, Balgowlah NSW, Australia


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