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    Ready to deepen your relationship with transformation?


    Ever wondered what it feels like to truly unlock your potential, navigate life's twists with resilience, and forge connections that go well below the surface?


    Imagine stepping into a space where fear of change transforms into a powerful force for growth; where nature becomes your guide, ancient wisdom shapes your journey, and modern science adds depth to your understanding and ability to integrate all you've learned and experienced into your everyday life.


    That's the heartbeat of Wild Tribes, where we intertwine indigenous nature connection principles, ancient wisdom & ritual, and modern science to help you become the best version of yourself, to live the most connected, genuine, fulfilled life you can.

    Our unique 1-0n-1 and small group offerings provide a rare opportunity to escape the familiar people, places, habits, and routines of daily life – long enough for you to learn how to truly meet yourself, safely explore your edges, heal and in doing so, create a new reality. 

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    Spilling Sand


    We are a team of facilitators, healers, change makers, visionaries and guides who have deep lived experience with the universal power of transformation


    Walking closely with the ancient ways and seeing the change it has bought into our lives and those around us inspires us to bridge the gap between ancient wisdoms, tribal ritual, indigenous culture and their deeply necessary place in our everyday existence. 


    This fuels our passion to connect individuals, families, modern-day tribes and their leaders to a journey of self, soul and purpose all whilst supporting you in building a truly meaningful relationship with nature and country.

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    Sitting by Campfire

    KaT's Background:

    Hey beautiful souls! Thrilled to have you here 😊

    Thank you for stopping by to see what we're up to at Wild Tribes.


    Firstly, on behalf of my team and I, I just wanted to say how deeply honoured we are that you've chosen to trust us on your journey of self-discovery and healing. It takes immense courage, vulnerability, and self-awareness to walk this path, and we are privileged to witness your journey. We look forward to meeting you in person!

    My journey, filled with it's own challenges, triumphs, and messy moments has led me to guide others in their transformation. In doing so, I have made a choice to commit to a lifelong path of self-mastery, learning, spiritual development and to preserve the indigenous sacred teachings and be a steward of our planet.


    However, this path is not for the feint of heart and consistently requires of me to venture bravely into the unknown, both in this realm and beyond,  alchemising shadows into light, wounds into wisdom. The less glamorous side of this has meant that along the way I have had to confront and continuously heal my own shadows, self-sabotages, stories, dogmas, self-limiting beliefs, fears, karmic baggage, family histories, traumas and personal challenges.  So it is safe to say, I've walked this journey, through the fires, up the mountains and into the ocean depths. 


    Knowing how deeply I can meet myself in these places has gifted me the medicine to meet you wherever you are at in your journey and I have, over the years, helped countless people navigate the familiar terrain of fears, doubts, limitations, addictions, mental health, poor productivity/performance, personal crises and traumas. With genuine care, unwavering commitment, and the incredible support of my team, I'm here for you, no matter where you choose to start on this journey or where you wish to go. My deepest commitment is to support you in reaching your fullest potential in work, life, and play.

    In a world of quick fixes, Wild Tribes is all about real, deep work. And as a team, we face the ebbs and flows of life, transforming the bumpy moments into strength, passion, joy and purpose, and we're here to help you do the same.

    Let's move forward with grace, integrity and humility, addressing the crucial work needed to bring balance within ourselves and our world. Let’s live authentically from our hearts and honour our roots, promoting unity and equality, where everyone's presence is cherished. This is a shared journey, and your deep inner work is vital, the unique value your light brings to the world, so very much needed..

    If this speaks to you, we would love to connect and be part of your journey as you weave your story into ours.

    Sending big love your way,

    Kat xx

    • Transformation / Change / Wellness Program Facilitator
    • Initiated Vision Quest Guide
    •  Wilderness Immersion Facilitator
    • Initiated Guide: Rites of the Munay-Ki
    • Bushcraft & Nature Connection Facilitation
    • Biohacking for Peak Mental & Physical Performance
    • Integrative Health Coach
    • Shamanic Practitioner / Energy & Sound Healer
    • Breathwork Facilitator
    • Trauma Informed Somatic Release Practitioner
    • Initiated Practitioner - Rites of Munay-Ki Transmissions
    • Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor
    • Wisdom Making & Mindfulness Mentor
    • Mentorship for Youth & Children
    • Womens Work Facilitator
    • Circle Work Facilitator
    • Leadership Development Consultant
    • Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Integration Support
    • Rites of Passage Facilitator
    • Transformation Coach
    • Ceremonialist
    • Cold Water Immersion Facilitator
    • Trauma Informed Root Cause Therapy
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    The Journey Within, a great way to deepen your connection to the earth, bring purpose and joy to your life, and gain self-awareness.

    “I had the most wonderful experience at retreat with Wild Tribes! Best location and divine humans. It was life-changing for me! Kat puts so much energy, intuition & love into her work and shows so much reverence for country and ceremony. I felt profoundly nurtured, seen and cared for. Amaaaazing Couldn’t recommend highly enough.”

    Rebecca.C, Marrickville, NSW

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