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[ (l)et go + (h)eal + be(come) + g(row) ]

A profound healing & re-balancing immersion to address :

- burnout

- impaired performance

- trauma 

-  relationship drama and conflict

- 24/7  fight/flight/freeze nervous system response

 - self-sabotage and patterns of self-neglect 

- unhealthy behaviours, habits of over-use & addiction

- mental & physical illnesses

- states of personal emergency & financial crises

- anxiety, depression and apathy

- chronic procrastination

- learning and socializing difficulties

- general feeling of being 'stuck' and under-accomplished for the stage of life you are at

... and more

If you've tried everything but no matter how hard you've tried, nothing has worked....SHIFT. 


1. IN-PERSON Retreat

Whether you're grappling with burnout, mental health challenges, trauma, loss, addiction, limiting beliefs, feeling stuck or disconnected;our immersive retreat offers a path to balance, deeper connection, healing and personal growth.

Duration 3nights / 4 Days

Located 1.5 hrs from Sydney CBD, your healing journey will be supported by a stunning Australian bush, retreat-style setting.

Includes all accommodation, meals, group & individual processes. 


[ (l)et go + (h)eal + be(come) + g(row) ]


2. 1-ON-1 

(remote & in-person options available)

Our 1-on-1 sessions are conducted online (access via video chat from anywhere in the world) or in-person at our Mosman and Balgowlah clinic locations in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

These sessions are usually recommended for those unable to make it to our in-person retreats and/or those wishing to dive to deeper layers in a more personally crafted environment. 

 You can book directly with Kat here, to complete the SHIFT protocol in a 6-8 x 2-3hr, 1-on-1 session format.

[ (l)et go + (h)eal + be(come) + g(row) ]

The Journey Within, a great way to deepen your connection to the earth, bring purpose and joy to your life, and gain self-awareness.

“Meeting Kat was one of those 'a-ha' moments in my healing journey. After finishing our body of work together, I feel more in tune with myself, my young family and the world around me than I ever have before. Thank you for helping me find my way through.”

Mike.S, Warriewood, NSW

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